Selvæ Studio is the alter ego of Sergio Palomo.

It strives for the design of beautiful, clear and meaningful digital products.


2014 - Present, Interaction, Visual, Desktop, Mobile, Web, Communications, Frontend development, Co-Founder

Hone is a fine-tuning tool for people building digital products. It lets developers expose interface values from code with a library and designers finetune those with a Mac app.


2014, Interaction

Interaction design of app for conversations across platforms.

Nokia N9

2010-2011, Interaction, Visual, Mobile

Interaction and visual design of the stock web browser, input methods and the Twitter and Facebook apps including their integration in the user experience framework of the device.

Greenpeace International Mobile Web

2010, Interaction, Mobile Web

Interaction design of a building blocks approach to guarantee a graceful degradation of the user experience from top tier to baseline devices.

Ericsson IPTV Remote

2010, Interaction, Tablet

Interaction design of a touch user interface through which to browse and preview live broadcast TV, on-demand video, Internet video and other media stored in the home environment.
The product was honored.

Telefonica R&D Home Station

2009, Interaction, Web

Interaction design of a dashboard solution for a wi-fi router.